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"Vivacious Lady" (1938)

Jimmy Stewart plays a college professor who quickly marries a sassy nightclub singer (Ginger Rogers) after they both fall in love at first sight. When they travel to his hometown, Jimmy can't bring himself to introduce his parents -- ailing mom (Beulah Bondi) and curmudgeonly father (Charles Coburn) -- to his new vivacious wife. Waiting for the right time to make their announcement, Jimmy & Ginger put on act that backfires into numerous hilarious results. With Jack Carson, Franklin Pangborn, Hattie McDaniel, and Willie Best.

According to Gary Fishgall's Jimmy bio "Pieces of Time: The Life of James Stewart", this film took almost one year to make; there were numerous rewrites and production delays, including Stewart's illness and subsequent hospitalization (for unknown reasons)

Critic Rose Pelswick of the New York Journal wrote of the film was "...not only elegant entertainment, but also a welcome departure from the crack-brained concoctions that have been passing for comedy of late. For this one, instead of depending upon wild-eyed gags, gets its laughs from genuinely funny situations that arise from the action and become part of it....Mr. Stewart checks in with a grand performance."

Directed by George Stevens. Note: This film is not yet available on DVD (unfortunately)