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Radio interview with Julie Adams from "Bend of the River"

Last night, legendary actress Julie Adams, 83, taked with Sonny Starr on the Star Talk radio show. She sounded really good and energetic.

One of the films that they talked about was Bend of the River, the great western she appeared in with Jimmy Stewart. She said that she sees it ever so often on Turner Classics, and said how well it holds up.

The other stars of the film, Rock Hudson and Arthur Kennedy, were her co-stars in several other films, so she talked more about them than Jimmy. She said that she and Rock Hudson were good friends, and had a similar sense of humor.

She remembered Bend of the River director Anthony Mann as a great pleasure to work with, and she has fond memories of filming on location in Oregon, around Mount Hood. (The film premiered in Portland, Oregon)

She remembered Bright Victory (starring Arthur Kennedy) as one of her favorite films that she made. Arthur Kennedy was nominated for an Oscar playing a blinded veteran's return to his hometown.

She also talked about working with Elvis in Tickle Me, and said that he was always polite and was a Southern gentlemen, never was full of himself on the set. He would tell stories about his time in the military and his experiences on other films.

She also talked about the film that she will always be remembered for: Creature of the Black Lagoon, and she always has fun talking about it whenever she is interviewed or attends conventions, and takes delight in knowing this is her signature film.