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"The Shootist" (1976)

John Wayne's last film, he plays aging gunfighter JB Brooks who travels to a small town to get an exam from an old doctor friend played by my man Jimmy. Good old Jim lays some bad news on the Duke: he's got cancer, and only has a few months to live. Brooks decides to stay in the town to live out his last days. He rents a room from Bond Rogers (Lauren Bacall) who has a whipper-snapper, gun-slinging son (Ron Howard). Turns out Wayne still has some enemies, who find out he's camping out in the town and decide to offer him one last challenge. The movie is filled with some pretty cool shootout scenes, and gets rather bloody at times. This also is one of Jimmy Stewart's last major motion pictures as well. Neat to see a Happy-Days-era Ron Howard act alongside - and shoot alongside! - the Duke.

Also starring Hugh O'Brian, Scatman Carothers, and Gene Barry, who passed away on Dec 9 2009. Read a blog post tribute to Gene Barry.

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  1. Tom Doniphon says:

    John Wayne played John Bernard Books in the Shootist

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