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Jimmy Stewart and Jennifer Jones

Below: Jimmy, Jennifer and Burt Reynolds (?). Apparently this picture (from Feb '83) was originally published in LIFE magazine, but I couldn't find a caption for it. What were they all doing together, I wonder?? Perhaps discussing a new movie project? I think that would have been pretty cool, because Jimmy and Jennifer were never in a movie together. :(

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  1. Phillip says:

    Thank you, you've helped me solve part of the mystery. I had a similar photo of Jennifer and Burt and could not figure out where they would have been together. At least you have clarified the date. I'm a big Jones fan and I'm updating my site with the other photo and was looking for a date and event.

    Phillip says:

    After I posted my comment, I located this. Apparently, they were at the Talent Agents Awards Luncheon - February 16, 1983.


    Tom says:

    Thank you Phillip!!! You've solved the mystery!

    Tom says:

    Philip, I love your website - I don't remember ever seeing this site. Is it new?

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