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Events at the Jimmy Stewart Museum

The JS museum has some really neat events coming up. (see the events page of the museum's site)

In addition to next month's Jimmy Stewart Festival, there is a new exhibit at the museum:

"Happy Birthday Jimmy" focuses on the Indiana Community's celebrations and the visit to Indiana of Mr. Stewart in May of 1983 for the dedication of the statue in his honor. Many local people are pictured in the photo essay. (from the press release)
Also, a new audio tour:

The Museum is also pleased to launch it's new Orpheo Audio Tour. This audio tour has been funded by the Indiana County Endowment and the Stewart Family Foundation of California.

The hand-held units guide visitors through a highlighted four of the Museum lasting about 45 minutes. The voice of the tour is Shannon Engemann, noted voice artist. Ms. Engemann and Mr. Gregg Paul, long time counsel to the Stewart Family attended the opening event over the weekend. The audio units will rent for $5. In addition to the regular admission. (from the press release)

I wish I were able to attend but if you are close to the Indiana Pennsylvania area I would check it out!

9 Response to "Events at the Jimmy Stewart Museum"

  1. Desiree says:

    Wow, I would love to go there... Indiana isn't that close though.

    Tom says:

    Come visit the midwest sometime!! Not in winter though. Lol

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