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Jimmy Stewart in Boise, Idaho

In 1943, Jimmy was an Army Air Corp instructor at Gowen Field in Boise. During his time there, he played the organ for the Egyptian Theater's silent film showings and - possibly - watched some movies. 

Below is a photo of how the Egyptian originally looked when it opened in 1927. 

courtesy: http://www.egyptiantheatre.net/about/

The theater had numerous names over the years such as The Fox theater and The Ada theater.

Here's how the theater looks today, sans the vertical sign. 

Patti noted that she will be attending a screening of Casablanca tonight (Nov 1) at the Egyptian.

Could she be sitting in the very seat that Jimmy Stewart once sat? 

3 Response to "Jimmy Stewart in Boise, Idaho"

  1. Patti says:

    Seeing "Casablanca" in this historic movie theatre was a totally awesome experience! I loved it! And I did wonder if, perhaps, Jimmy might have seen Casablanca in that very theatre, since he was in Boise the very year the film was released.

    By the way, they showed "Rear Window" there back in August. So Jimmy "returned" to the Egyptian!

    Suzane Weck says:

    Ola,vim conhecer teu blog e um pouco mais sobre tua pessoa.Gostei demais das diversificações que apresentas no teu espaço.Hoje ficarei somente com Jimmy Stewart que aprecio muito como excelente ator que sempre foi.Voltarei para conhecer cada um de teus blogs.Até mais e meu grande abraço.SU.

    Tom says:

    Hi Suzane! Welcome!

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