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Jimmy reads a poem about his dog

The blog A Life in Equinox posted a Jimmy Stewart video today - it's one from the Tonight Show from the early 80s where Jimmy reads his tribute poem to his dog Beau, who had recently died.

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    Jimmy`s delivery is without peer! He reads like a good book, and uses the words to the right effect. I have always loved JS acting and use of words. He never had the looks of Sinatra or the others, but made up for it in style.

    C.C. says:

    He bought the "old one" from my parents when he lived in the Santa Ynez Valley. Beau was our kennel name for our Labradors. They were by a field champion we called Sprig out of a bitch named Champion Triumph of Holiday Hill. She was my nanny and would growl at my mom when she came to get me out of my play pen. They were great dogs and will live in our hearts forever.

    Pam@GoRetro says:

    What a wonderful blog! JS is one of my old time favorites although admittedly there are many movies of his I still haven't seen yet. I've seen portions of this clip but never the whole thing; thanks for posting it. As an animal lover it brought tears to my eyes and I can totally relate to feeling them jump on the bed and sleep with you after they've passed away.

    Going to check out your other blogs now!

    Tom says:

    @Cheyenne - Hi Cheyenne, yes Jimmy really had class.

    @CC - Very interesting! How wonderful to have these connections and stories. Thanks for sharing!

    @Pam - Thanks for stopping by!

    In 2011, I hope to add much more to this blog. I've been busy with my three others!!

    Thanks all for visiting and for your support and kind words.

    Desiree says:

    Ahhh, this is wonderful... a blog about Jimmy Stewart! I adore Jimmy...

    And I've seen this video a few times at least. It's soooo sad, but so sweet....

    Tom says:

    Hi Desiree thanks for checking out my blog! I really need to see No Time for Comedy. I'm ashamed to say I've never seen it. But it's always been so hard to find.

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